Dear Potential Sponsor,

The Connecticut Masters' Games is a unique statewide event bringing diverse elements of Connecticut's senior population together to celebrate the common bond of amateur athletics.

This year, over 1,700 athletes will be competing in 15 different sport offerings achieving personal goals through sports competition, healthy exercise and physical fitness.

The Connecticut Masters' Games are dedicated solely to ensuring a quality sports competition for the master and senior athletes. Our participants can rely on an event that utilizes the best facilities available and provides a quality competition commensurate with senior athlete dedication to training and preparation for participation.

Under the direction of the Connecticut Sports Management Group Inc.'s full time staff, our goals and objectives continue to be as follows:

  • To increase awareness that personal development is possible at any age.
  • To recognize & reward Connecticut Master and Senior residents who have chosen to participate in the healthy, wholesome activities that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities 
  • To inspire the development of physical and competitive abilities by Connecticut amateur master athletes
  • To provide a unique forum which embodies the Olympic spirit of competition

The Connecticut Sports Management Group, through the division of the Connecticut Masters' Games, seek sponsors that are committed to the goals and objectives previously stated. We welcome all sponsors and thank you in advance for your willingness to financially support this great state wide event. In addition, we hope that as a sponsor you are also willing to become intimately involved with the Connecticut Masters' Games through volunteerism.

Please contact:

Patrick Fisher
Executive Director
Phone: (860) 788 7041

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