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The 2023 Connecticut Masters' Games - Please Click Below to Register Online:

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Registration is Closed
Slow Pitch Softball - Men's Tournament Registration is Closed
Slow Pitch Softball - Women's Tournament Registration is Closed
Volleyball Tournament Registration is Closed
Archery Tournament Registration is Closed
Badminton Tournament Registration is Closed
Bowling Tournament Registration is Closed for 2022
Cycling - Registration is Closed
Pickleball Tournament Registration is Closed for 2022
Racquetball Tournament Registration is Closed
Swim Meet Registration is Closed
Table Tennis Tournament Registration is Closed for 2022
Tennis Tournament Registraion is Closed
Track & Field Meet Registration is Closed

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Coaches who choose to mail rosters and fees may do so to the following address:
Connecticut Sports Management Group, Inc.
975 Middle Street, Unit G. Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 788 7041    Fax: (860) 894 2654

The Connecticut Masters' Games is an OPEN competition that any age appropiate participant can enter. Out of state participants are welcome. 

There are two ways of entering into the Connecticut Masters' Games as a team or as an individual. 

How to Enter a Team:
To be considered for the Connecticut Masters' Games, a team must submit a Team Entry Packet, which consists of the following:

  1. A properly completed Team Roster
  2. A properly completed Team Athlete Waiver Form for each athlete and coach on the team.
  3. ONE CHECK covering the entire team fee.
    1. You can make the check or money order payable to the Connecticut Masters' Games and please send with the Official Registration Form and Waiver to:
      Connecticut Sports Management Group
      975 Middle Street, Unit G
      Middletown, CT 06457

Age Cut Off Date:
Your age division/group will be determined by your age as of December 31, 2023.

Age Groups:
30-39*  40-49*    50-54    55-59    60-64    65-69    70-74    75-79    80-84    85-89    90+

Enter an Individual:
The Connecticut Masters' Games is an OPEN TOURNAMENT / COMPETITION that any Connecticut or out of state amateur athlete can enter!
Participants entering an individual sport competition or meet are requested to submit an Individual Athlete Registration Form (found on the right side of this page) and the Appropriate Individual Sport FEE as soon as possible to enhance their chances of competing in the Connecticut Masters' Games

  1. Will be posted shortly!
  2. One check covering appropriate Individual Sport Fee

The Connecticut Masters' Games Administration will notify a participant of his or her status by a confirmation email once the Registration goes through. Participants will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Participants not selected because of receipt after the registration deadline or other specified date, please see appropriate sport for registration deadline dates) will receive a full refund as soon as verification is possible.

Email Communication:
The Connecticut Sports Management Group Inc. uses email as our primary source of communication with our athletes. Please supply us with an email address that we can reach you at on your Connecticut Masters' Games Official Registration Form.  All Finals packets (schedules, directions and other important information) will be mailed to all registered participants. The email communication will be used for updates, newsletters and other important information throughout the year that we would like you to know about.

Medical Insurance:
Each participant must be covered by his / her personal insurance policy. The Connecticut Masters' Games provides a supplemental policy only.

Bring a Buddy Program:

In an effort to help save you money and continue to increase our participation, we are again offering the “Bring a Buddy” Program. The “Bring a Buddy” Program allows current athletes to bring a "buddy" at half of the entrance fee. A “buddy” is a person who has not competed in the CT Masters’ Games in the last three years (2020-2022). We’re not only meeting our aforementioned goal, but it also made the "Games" more affordable for all athletes. The Buddy Program does not apply to Cycling, Pickleball, Softball and Tennis due to associated costs. See below for details. 

“Bring a Buddy”: Any athlete who registers for a sport will save money e.g:

Individual Sport:

  • Athlete #1 Badminton Fee $35.00
  • “Buddy” Badminton Fee $17.50 (1/2 the price)
  • Total $52.50
  • Each participant pays $26.25
  • Please Note - the Buddy Program does not apply to Cycling due to associated costs. 

Team Sport:

  • Team #1 Basketball Fee $175.00
  • “Buddy” Team Fee $87.50 (1/2 the price)
  • Total $262.50
  • Each TEAM pays $131.25
  • Please Note - the Buddy Program does not apply to Softball Teams due to associated costs and the co-sponsored tournament with SSUSA.

In order to qualify as a “Buddy” athlete, the “Buddy” CANNOT have participated in the Connecticut Masters' Games in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

Buddy Program Online Registration:

  • When registering online, athlete #1 needs to register for their event first and pay the full amount. 
  • Athlete #1 will give their ID number that is provided during registration to athlete #2.
  • Once athlete #2 has athlete #1's ID number, they will enter the number in registration when it asks for the Buddy ID number.
  • Athlete #2's registration fee will be half off the posted amount.

Please Note:

  • The “Buddy” program applies only to like sport registrations (Individual or Team) e.g. a Badminton individual sport athlete may not bring a volleyball team as his/her ”Buddy”
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