Team Sports

Please read the following information for the Connecticut Masters' Games team sport participants.

  • There will be no schedule accommodations for teams participating in another tournament while playing in the Connecticut Masters' Games. 
  1. A full team roster

  2. Registration Form and Signed Waiver for each player on the Roster.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask either the coordinator tasked to your sport or contact us at   Good luck and enjoy the "Games!"


Team Sports Schedule

Sport Dates Location Deadline Entry Fee
3-on-3 Basketball Women's Tournament 10/3/21 New Britain High School 9/24/21 $175.00
3-on-3 Basketball Men's Tournament 10/2/21 New Britain High School 9/24/21 $175.00
Softball - Women Women's Tournament 5/22/21 Smith Field, Middletown 5/14/21 $425.00
Softball Men's Tournament: 50+/55+/60+ 6/26/21 - 6/27/21 Smith Field & Nessing Park 6/16/21 $475.00
Softball Men's Tournament: 65+/70+/75+ 6/28/21 - 6/29/21 Smith Field, Middletown 6/16/21 $475.00
Volleyball Men's & Women's Tournaments TBD The Den, Windsor TBD $200.00
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