Slow Pitch Softball Tournament 

  • Men's Tournament Dates - June 16th, 17th, 18th, & 19th
  • Women's Tournament Date - Sat., May 5th
  • Entry Fee: $450.00 per Team. 

Team Captains - Please see the instructions below on how to Reserve your Team's Spot:

  • Please email us the following information:
    • Team Name, Team Age Group, Team Gender, 
    • Team Captain Email, Team Captain Cell Phone

  • Men's Softball Tournament - June 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th
    • 40+,50+, 55+, 60+ play on June 16th and 17th
    • 65+, 70+, 75+ play on June 18th, and 19th
    • Team List
      • 40+
      • 50+- Domino's/Bob Johnson Cheverolet (Major), Hard Hat Cafe/ Latallas/ Vios (Major), Johnys Auto & Truck(Major) RDD/ Chicago Sams(AAA), Providence Auto ( Major Plus) BrenCo(AAA), Cavello Sanitation (Major), Finacial America (AAA),Roebell Painters/Paradise Painting(Major)
      • 60+- LI Jaguars 60+ (AAA), Bay State Bombers (Major), Mikes Blue Collar(AAA), Cape Cod Mariners (AAA), LI Jaguars 65+ (AAA), Deep Purple (Major), Diamond Dawgs (AA), Syracuse Cyclones (AA)
      • 65+ Talaga Construction (AAA), Action Auto Parts 65's(AA),Syracuse Cyclones 65 (AA)
      • 70+- Vios Sports(AAA) Tabor Franchi VFW(AAA)
      • 75+
    • Women's Softball Tournament - Saturday. May 5th ( Rain Date Sunday May 6th)
    • Location: Sage Park, Berlin
    • Team list
      • 50+Twisted Fossils,NJ Team, CT Crush, CT Thunder,CT Silver Storm
      • 60+- Nor'easters, CT Relics

Sport Details

  1. Field #1 has a permanent fence 
  2. Field #2 will have temporary fence installed for the CT Masters' Games Tournament
  3. Field #1 has lights 
  4. No restrictions on food and drinks in park

  1. Both fields have permanent fences
  2. Field #1 has lights
  3. No restrictions on food or drinks in park

  1. All five fields have lights
  2. All five fields have permanent fences
  3. Only water will be permitted into park
  4. Men's 65, 70, and 75 age groups will play at the CT Sports Complex 

***NEW CT Masters' Games Age Groups (non-qualifying for the National Senior Games)

  • 30-39, 40-49

Age Groups (qualifying age divisions for the National Senior Games)

  • 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+

Please Note:

  • Age division for all team competition will be determined by the age of the youngest team player as of December 31, 2018. For example, a team consisting of eight players ages 65 or older and one player age 63 will compete in the 60+ age division

Skill Levels/ Divisions


  • Platinum- Major Plus/ Major
  • Gold- AAA/ AA
  • Silver- AAA/ AA


  • Gold- Major/ AAA
  • Silver- AAA/ AA
  • Women's Tournament (All Age Groups) - Saturday, May 5th - Sage Park, Berlin
  • Men's 40+ Division - June 16th - Chesley Park, New Britan

  • Men's 40+ Division - June 17th - Sage Park, Berlin  

  • Men's 50+ Division - June 16th and 17th - Sage Park, Berlin 
  • Men's 55+ Division - June 16th and 17th -   Sage Park, Berlin 
  • Men's 60+ Division - June 16th and 17th - Smith Field, Middletown
  • Men's 65+ Division - June 18th and 19th - CT Sportsplex 
  • Men's 70+ Division - June 18th and 19th - CT Sportsplex
  • Men's 75+ Division - June 18th and 19th - CT Sportsplex 


  • The Men's Tournament will be conducted in accordance with Senior Softball-USA(SSUSA) rules, except as modified herein.
  • The Women;s Tournament will be condicted in accordance with USA Softball rules, except as modified herein.


  • Age groups may be combined to provide opportunity for play.
  • Awards will be presented for 1st through 3rd place for each division within each age group.
  • Team rosters shall be limited to 22 persons, including non-playing coaches, non-playing captains and non-playing personnel. No more than 20 of these persons may be players.

The CT Masters' Games / SSUSA Tournament will be a qualifier for the following tournaments:

  • 2018 Eastern National Championship - Valdosta, GA - 7/31/18-8/5/18
  • 2018 LVSSA-SSUSA World Masters - Las Vegas, NV -  9/20/18-10/7/18
  • 2019 National Senior Games - Albuquerque, NM

Please Note:

  • All teams who compete in the tournament will automatically qualify for the Eastern National Championship and LVSSA-SSUSA World Masters.

Looking to join a team or find a doubles or mixed doubles partner? Click here to find a partner today!

  • The Partner Finder page allows you to create an online profile to assist you in finding a team and allows you to view players looking for team.
  • We ask all participants to use the Partner Finder page when looking for a player.
  • Questions – please contact us at (860) 788 7041 or

Who: The Connecticut Masters’ Games is a 501(c) 3 Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to providing a forum that initiates and encourages camaraderie between different ages, socioeconomic and cultural groups through athletic competition and the Olympic spirit.  The event assists in the development of physical fitness and promotes positive healthy activities for the participants, their families and the communities where they live.

What: The Connecticut Masters’ Games (formerly known as the Connecticut Senior Games) are the largest amateur multi sport Olympic-style sporting event in Connecticut for master athletes.  We are now celebrating our 39th year of uniting Connecticut’s residents in the common bond of amateur sport and Olympic spirit.  This event is a member in good standing of the National Senior Games Association.

Where: The “Games” will be hosted by the City of New Britain in 2018. Competitions will also take place around the state of Connecticut at top college, high school and municipal venues.

Participants: More than 1,500 participants, 300 volunteers and over 2,500 spectators will take part in the 2017 Connecticut Masters’ Games. Participants range from 30 to 90+. Since the inception of the CT Masters' Games in 1979, more than 45,000 amateur master athletes have participated in the “Games”.   


  • To promote better overall health and fitness among citizens.
  • To recognize & reward Connecticut Master and Senior residents who have chosen to participate in the healthy, wholesome activities that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities.
  • To provide a unique forum which embodies the Olympic spirit of competition.
  • To inspire the development of physical and competitive abilities by Connecticut amateur master athletes. 
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