2021 Pickleball Tournament

Presenting Sponsor of the Pickleball Tournament

Tournament Location: The Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill
Skill Level / Age Group Tournament
Qualifier for the 2022 National Senior Games

Events for players 30 through age 59 are scheduled for May 14-16.
Women's Doubles and Men's Singles - Friday, May 14th
Mixed Doubles- Saturday, May 15th
 - Men's Doubles and Women's Singles - Sunday, May 16th
Start Times for May 14-16 are Posted online at Pickleballbrackets.com

Events for players age 60 and above are scheduled for May 21-23.
Women's Doubles and Men's Singles - Friday, May 21st
Mixed Doubles- Saturday, May 22nd
 - Men's Doubles and Women's Singles - Sunday, May 23rd 

 - Start Times for May 21 - 23  are Posted online at Pickleballbrackets.com 

Sport Details

Dear Participant,

The CT Sports Management Group, Inc. welcomes you to the 2021 CT Masters Games Pickleball Tournament.  The tournament will take place on May 21-23 at the Rocky Hill Tennis & Fitness Center located at 1000 Elm St Rocky Hill, CT 06067.

This event will be complying with all local regulations and any additional public health notices in place at the time of the event, including recommendations from our host facility and USA Pickleball. 

Below is our health and safety plan for the event with specific instructions for athletes, officials and spectators.  It has been updated since last week to reflect recent changes to CDC, Connecticut and facility guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Please bring your proof of vaccination if you have one.
  • When you check in, you will need to sign a waiver indicating your vaccination status. 
  • It is required that unvaccinated individuals wear a face covering at all times.
  • Vaccinated individuals are required to wear masks when not playing.
  • Everyone is to enter from the Main Fitness Entrance at the rear of the building. All Entrances and Exits are clearly marked.
  • One Spectator will be allowed per participant. Spectators are required to wear a mask at all times, bring their own chairs and maintain social distancing.
    • Spectators will be allowed on the courts and can also view tournament play from the lobby.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet must be maintained at all times. No hugging, shaking hands, or fist bumps for support/encouragement.
  • Remember to not touch your face, practice healthy hygiene habits & wash your hands regularly.
    • Hand Sanitizer is located at all entrances, exits and Pickleball courts at the Rocky Hill Tennis & Fitness Center.
    • The Water fountain has been removed at the Rocky Hill Tennis & Fitness Center.
  • Please keep bags and chairs separated from others on the Pickleball courts.
  • No Social gatherings are allowed in our lobby and the locker rooms are closed. Bathrooms are open.
  • Anyone who is not feeling well, suffers from chronic or immunocompromised conditions or has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, fever, etc.) in the past ten days should not attend the event.
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last fourteen days must produce written clearance to participate from a physician that confirms a COVID-19 negative status.

Specific Game Guidelines

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Bring a full personal water bottle(s).
  • Clean and wipe down your paddles and water bottles
    • Do not share paddles or any other equipment.
  • Consider wearing gloves during play.
  • Maintain proper social distancing from other players in between games and during time outs.
  • When Play has ended:
    • Leave the court as soon as reasonably possible
    • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after your match is over
    • Avoid post play socializing
  • Results will be available on PickleballBracket.com only.
    • We will not have monitors in the lobby to view the tournament results as in years past.
  • When your event is completed please promptly leave the facility.
    • All events are scheduled in blocks to minimize interaction groups of players.

The Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill

  • 1000 Elm St.Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067
  • Surface Type: Tennis Court Surface
  • Play Area Type: Indoor
  • Ball: Gamma Photon Outdoor Ball
  • Number of Courts: 16
  • Parking: Onsite Free Parking

We look forward to a fun and safe event



  • The National Senior Games Tournament has been moved from 2021 to 2022. The 2021 Connecticut Masters' Games is now a qualifying event for the national tournament.
  • Events for players age 30 to 59 are scheduled for May 14-16.
    • Women's Doubles and Men's Singles - Friday, May 14th
    • Mixed Doubles- Saturday, May 15th
    • Men's Doubles and Women's Singles - Sunday, May 16th
  • Events for players age 60 and above are scheduled for May 21-23.
    • Women's Doubles and Men's Singles - Friday, May 21st
    • Mixed Doubles- Saturday, May 22nd
    • Men's Doubles and Women's Singles - Sunday, May 23rd
  • The Connecticut Sports Management Group will be releasing details about the tournament and Covid precautions that will be in place before registration re-opens.
  • Anyone who was registered for the 2020 Masters' Games and did not withdraw, has been automatically rolled over to 2021.


  • Masters Division age groups are 10 year divisions from 30 through 49
  • Senior Games age groups are 5 year divisions from age 50 up.
  • Age is calculated as of 12/31/2021.
  • Senior Games Qualifying is now by Division.
    • Division I Events are Levels 4.5 and Above
    • Division II Events are Level 4.0
    • Division III Events are Levels 3.5 and Below
  • The top four finishers in the Senior Games Divisions in each event will qualify for the National Senior Games. Four spots are reserved for Connecticut residents. If any out of state team finishes in the top four in any qualifying event, they will qualify and another spot will open up for the next Connecticut team on the list. If the top four are all from out of state, then eight finishers can qualify. A team composed of one Connecticut resident and one out of state resident is considered an out of state team.
  • Players age 50 and over are welcome to play with a younger partner in the Masters division but MAY NOT QUALIFY for the National Senior Games from that division.
  • Teams MUST play in the age group of the younger partner. For doubles and mixed doubles, you MUST sign up at the skill level of the higher rated partner. Players may play up in skill level ONLY with a higher rated partner. Singles players MUST play in their own skill level/age group.
  • Players with a PickleballBrackets.com tournament rating MUST use that rating. Players with a USAPA UTPR rating but no PickleballBrackets.com rating MUST use that rating. Players with both ratings should use the higher of the two. Players with neither rating may self rate.
  • The PickleballBrackets.com Senior rating will apply to players age 50 and over.
  • Anyone needing to use a UTPR rating for bracket placement should use the Contact Tourney link above to email the tournament director.


  • In order to address the skill level disparity between 3.0 and 3.5 teams in Division III, 3.5 teams where BOTH players are tournament rated at 3.5 MAY request to be moved to Division II
  • A tournament rating is:
    • 1. A PickleballBrackets.com rating based on previous tournament play. Use the players link at the top of this page or click on your name on the event list to check your rating.
    • 2. A USAPA UTPR rating. Log in to your USAPA player account to check your rating.
    • To request a move, use the Contact Tourney link above to send an email to the tournament director once both players are registered in Division III.
    • Once a team is moved, they may not move back to Division III.


  • All ratings will be verified when registration closes. If your rating changes after you register but prior to the close of registration, please update your events as needed.
  • The tournament reserves the right to move players and teams between skill level brackets.


  • Competition each day will begin at 8:00 AM. Specific start times for each event will be posted and emailed to players approximately one week prior to the event. ON FRIDAY OF BOTH WEEKENDS THE OLDER AGE GROUPS WILL PLAY IN THE MORNING AND THE YOUNGER GROUPS WILL PLAY IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • The tournament format is round robin for all events. Events with a large number of teams may be split into round robin pools followed by a playoff for the top teams in each pool.
  • The tournament reserves the right to modify the bracket format and number of rounds to comply with the guaranteed number of games per event and all Covid preventions guidelines.
  • When groups are combined to create a playing bracket, medals will be awarded by the ORIGINAL group.
  • For a guaranteed spot in the tournament in doubles or mixed doubles, the second partner must register within four days of the first partner's registration. Teams that are incomplete after FOUR days will be moved to the waiting list. Once the second partner registers, the team will be entered into the event IF THERE IS STILL ROOM IN THE EVENT AND THE TOURNAMENT.
  • We are limited in the number of players we can accept each weekend due to a reduced number of courts and Covid precautions. Registrations will close when that limit is reached, WHETHER OR NOT BOTH PARTNERS ON A TEAM ARE REGISTERED.
  • The registration fee is $55 and includes one event. Each additional event is $10.
  • An online processing fee and a software use fee are covered by the registration fee.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds for withdrawals from an event or for failure to secure a partner.
  • Refunds minus a $10 processing fee for withdrawals from the tournament up until registration is closed either due to reaching tournament capacity or the registration deadline date, whichever comes first.
  • Refunds will be issued after the conclusion of the tournament.
  • No refunds for withdrawals from the tournament after registration closes.

Registration is online through PickleballBrackets.com website only.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds for withdrawals from an event or for failure to secure a partner.
  • Refunds minus a $10 processing fee for withdrawals from the tournament up until registration is closed either due to reaching tournament capacity or the registration deadline date, whichever comes first.
  • Refunds will be issued after the conclusion of the tournament.
  • No refunds for withdrawals from the tournament after registration closes.
Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network (HHCRN) is the official medical partner for the Nutmeg State Games & CT Masters Games. HHCRN professional medical staff will be onsite at our various sport venues to provide exceptionally medical care for our participants. 
Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network strives to be the premier rehabilitation provider in Connecticut; the company known for its commitment to high quality, customer-focused outcomes; the place where people want to work. Our goal is to create a seamless continuum of prevention and rehabilitation care, and to assist individuals with temporary or permanent impairments or disabilities in achieving their goals for maximum functional independence.
We are dedicated to organizing the prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine resources in the community into a financially responsible integrated delivery system and, in doing so, establish Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network as the regional network of excellence for the provision of prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

How to Prevent Sports-Related Injuries

  • What areas of the body are the most common for injuries? What kinds of injuries usually occur in these areas? 
    • The most common body parts for injuries will depend on the age groups and activity levels. But overall, in no particular order, in the orthopedic and musculoskeletal field we see a lot of shoulder, hip and knee injuries.  In the shoulder the injuries could be a rotator cuff tear or strain, shoulder instability and sprains of the AC joint or the acromioclavicular joint.  The hip’s common injuries are hip flexor tendonopathies or strains, gluteus medius syndrome and femoral acetabular impingements or labral pathologies. The knee we have seen a 200% rise in ACL injuries in competitive sports, but we also see a lot of patellofemoral pain syndromes, meniscal tears, and quadriceps/patella tendonopathies and overuse injuries. 
  • How do treatments vary for these specific areas?
    • The orthopedic and physical therapists work together to address these common injuries.  When the orthopedic physician initially looks at these injuries, they use tests and imaging to address whether the treatment can be non-surgical in nature or would be best served with surgery.  Even in the course of surgery, pre-hab, or preparing the body part by improving range of motion, strength and flexibility, is often recommended.  If the team decides that the injury would best be served non-surgically, a collaborative, individualized approach will be discussed with the physical or occupational therapist.  We work to get you better based off of what is the best evidence in research but also based off of what your individual goals may be. 
  • Are there ways to prevent such injuries?
    • There are ways to prevent injuries.  We utilize screens and tests that can identify movement patterns and body parts that may be at risk of an injury.  Once we identify these patterns, we then can work with you on a strength and conditioning program and/or a mobility program to improve those movements.  

For more information about how to stay healthy and in the game, please visit Hartford HealthCare Sports Health at www.mysportshealth.org  

In 2021 the CT Sports Management Group, Inc. will be running three separate Pickleball Tournaments: the CT Masters' Games, Nutmeg State Games and Nutmeg Fall Classic. We will attract over 1,200 participants plus family members, friends, spectators and the media to the three tournament. We expect players from all over the Northeast Region and other states to attend. The increase in popularity and the growth of Pickleball throughout the USA creates a tremendous opportunity for your company to showcase its products.

Tournament Details:

How Your Support is Mutually Beneficial:

MORE THAN JUST A GAME: Personal Development, Sportsmanship, Physical Fitness, Teamwork, Volunteerism.

Your sponsorship support will ensure that we provide our participants with a tremendous experience that will leave lasting memories, increase the opportunities and  growth of Pickleball, while educating attendees about your company through pertinent email marketing campaigns, web based ads and onsite engagement. Your organization has the opportunity to gain substantial visibility by becoming a part of our "Family of Sponsors".

Click on the icon below to Download the Sponsorship Opoortunities Package:

Who: The Connecticut Masters’ Games is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to providing a forum that initiates and encourages camaraderie between different ages, socioeconomic and cultural groups through athletic competition and the Olympic spirit.  The event assists in the development of physical fitness and promotes positive healthy activities for the participants, their families and the communities where they live.

What: The Connecticut Masters’ Games (formerly known as the Connecticut Senior Games) are the largest amateur multi sport Olympic-style sporting event in Connecticut for master athletes.  We are now celebrating our 39th year of uniting Connecticut’s residents in the common bond of amateur sport and Olympic spirit.  This event is a member in good standing of the National Senior Games Association.

Where: The “Games” will be hosted by the City of New Britain in 2021. Competitions will also take place around the state of Connecticut at top college, high school and municipal venues.

Participants: More than 1,500 participants, 300 volunteers and over 2,500 spectators will take part in the 2021 Connecticut Masters’ Games. Participants range from 30 to 90+. Since the inception of the CT Masters' Games in 1979, more than 45,000 amateur master athletes have participated in the “Games”.   


  • To promote better overall health and fitness among citizens.
  • To recognize & reward Connecticut Master and Senior residents who have chosen to participate in the healthy, wholesome activities that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities.
  • To provide a unique forum which embodies the Olympic spirit of competition.
  • To inspire the development of physical and competitive abilities by Connecticut amateur master athletes. 
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