Athlete of the Year Nominations - Athlete of the Year

Athlete of the Year Nominations

All across the nation in Senior & Masters' Games from Maine to California, amateur athletes compete to bring home the gold.  Every year, a few rise to the top, excelling in their events, overcoming great hardships, displaying tremendous sportsmanship, athleticism and determination. The CT Masters' Games are designed to promote healthy active lifestyles in their athletes, as well as foster leadership and sportsmanship skills. Each spring & summer, thousands of athletes of all skills levels travel from all areas of Connecticut to participate in numerous team and individual sport offerings.

Every year the CT Masters' Games recognize outstanding individuals that have excelled in their events, and showed the spirit of the “Games” both on and off the field of play. The Athlete of the Year Committee will receive Nominations until February 10th. After all nominations have been submitted, the Athlete of the Year Committee will meet to determine a Athlete of the Year. The Athlete of the Year will be presented with the award at our annual Director's Banquet held at the Aqua Turf Club in late February. The Athlete of the Year will also be our guest at various events throughout the year. 

Please provide us with as much information as possible about the nominee. Please send to the following address:

CT Masters' Games 
Attn: Athlete of the Year Committee
975 Middle Street, Unit G
Middletown, CT 06457

CT Masters Games Athlete of the Year Award receipients: 

  • 2022 Michael Briwn, Softball
  • 2021 Regina "Jean" Trimboli, Basketball, Pickleball, Softball
  • 2020 - Barbara Markelz, Basketball, Pickleball, Softball
  • 2019 - Laura Summers, Cycling
  • 2018 - Susan Kassey, Track & Field
  • 2017 - Jim Meyer, Track & Field
  • 2016 - Mary Roman, Track & Field
  • 2015 - Jeanne Baker, 3on3 Basketball
  • 2014 - Raoul (Roy) Rodriques, Track & Field
  • 2013 - Marjorie Sasiela, Road Race
  • 2012 - Jan Brown, Softball & 3on3 Basketball
  • 2011 - Phil Rockwell, Tennis

MISSION OF THE "GAMES": “Celebrating Master and Senior Athletes” 

  • To promote better overall health and fitness among master and senior citizens.
  • To recognize & reward Master and Senior amateur athletes who have chosen to participate in a healthy, wholesome activity that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities.
  • To provide a unique forum which embodies the Olympic spirit of competition.
  • To inspire the development of physical and competitive abilities of master and senior amateur athletes.

The CT Masters’ Games, through the venue of competitive sports, seek to contribute positively to the physical, mental and emotional growth of our master and senior athletes.  We believe that participation in athletics provides opportunities to strengthen the qualities of leadership, hard work, self-confidence and mental and physical toughness.  Competitive athletics lays the foundation for positive lifelong habits that contribute to a healthy life style and teaches team work, sportsmanship and respect for others.  The CT Masters’ Games include participants from all religious, racial and socio-economic groups contributing to a truly unique event. 


  • Olympic ModeL: Few events in Connecticut embody the spirit and values of masters’ amateur athletics like the Connecticut Masters’ Games. Masters athletes from across our country and state are brought together by the spirit of competition which promotes camaraderie among participants.
  • Affordability: While the “Games” are similar in nature to other events that provide wellness and fitness for athletes, a unique feature is the significantly lower cost for the participants. The “Games” strive to keep the price of the entry fee low while still providing a professional run event for our athletes.
  • Attractive: The Connecticut Masters’ Games continue to thrive despite the numerous sport and amusement alternatives available today. The “Games” remain a must-attend event because it’s an honor and great opportunity to be a part of the competition. Medalists qualify to compete at the National Senior Games which is held every other year throughout the United States.
  • Sustainability: The “Games” have remained viable for thirty-nine years in good and bad economic times due to strong leadership from its Board of Directors, an experienced and dedicated staff and carefully developed relationships with athletes, facilities, athletic administrators and officials across Connecticut.
  • Volunteerism: Each year well over 300 volunteers come together to help unite Connecticut through amateur athletics. Volunteers range from coaches, officials, sport coordinators, interns, and medical staff members. Our substantial volunteer support from numerous organizations allows more funds to be spent on the athletes


Jan Brown, Softball Coordinator, Softball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Pickleball and Racquetball Participant
"My experience with CT Games since 2004 has been pure fun and wholly inspirational!  I look forward to each year and hope that any and all master and senior athletes come on out to play!"

Mel Siebold, Swim Meet Coordinator & Participant
"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Masters’ Games Administration and seeing the enjoyment the athletes experience. Not only the competition but the fellowship that prevails during the day and after the competition."

Phil Rockwell, Tennis Participant and 2011 Connecticut Masters' Games Athlete of the Year and Richard P. Garmany Award Winner
"Participating for the past 12 years in the Connecticut Masters Games has given me some of my most enjoyable tennis experiences. The events have been well organized, and the competition and camaraderie have been terrific, as have been the opportunities to play in the national events around the country."

Janice Pauly, Pickleball Coordinator and Participant
"Some of the words that have been used by our competitors to describe the Connecticut Masters Games Pickleball Tournament include fun, camaraderie, great exercise and competition and a super way to meet new friends.  As the sport of Pickleball grows, we hope to continue this tournament tradition that provides so many positive benefits for our masters players."

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